We are Bloody Hell

And you are not.

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Trucker caps!

Hey there, as we are busy planning new releases, merch and whatnot, an idea occurred to us! I know everyone likes these ye olde style vintage trucker caps (see the mockup graphic) so now is your chance. You can preorder yours now at the nominal price of 10€! What a deal! There will be only limited stock so hurry up and order yours now! If you want to look like a dude/dudette with a trucker, do it with style! Tadaa! Not enough exclamation marks to make you buy? Here’s one more!

Noniin, nyt niitä saa kohtapuoleen! Mitä? No tietysti Bloody Hell lippiksiä (katso demonstroiva graafinen esimerkki)! Suunnittelemme tietysti kaikenlaista muutakin jännää jäynää tässä, kuten uutta levyä ja sen sellaista, mutta sillä välin on kuitenkin hyvä pitää huolta ettei fanikannan pää palele ja aurinko (mikä?...

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Hangover Rider picture video

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Bloody Hell t-shirt

Bloody Hell t-shirt

What the hell? Bloody Hell! Noni immeiset! Nyt noita saa! Ostakaa omanne pois, hinta on niinkin naurettava kuin 12€/kpl + lähetyskulut.

What the hell? Bloody Hell! There you go people! You can spend your cash with style now! Send us money, and we’ll send you a t-shirt… Deal of the century ,only 12€/pc + shipping.

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Just a Little Play -video

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Bloody Hell – Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell - Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell – Bloody Hell


  1. They All Have to Die
  2. Louder
  3. Steam Machine
  4. Just a Little Play
  5. Into to the Woods
  6. Freedom
  7. Power of Steam
  8. The Dead Can Die
  9. To the Other Side

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Next shows:

28.7.2017, Sauna Classic Heavy Metal Garden Party, Tampere, FI (with Stratovarius, Brother Firetribe, Turisas…)

17.09.2017, Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa, FI

If you want to book us, please contact us.

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Past Shows:

19.11.2016 Ravintola Lepakkomies, Helsinki, FINLAND

10.9.2016 Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa, FINLAND

21.8.2016 A-Klub, Smolensk, RUSSIA

20.8.2016 Blackened Life Festival, Tula, RUSSIA

19.8.2016 Dozhd Major, Moscow, RUSSIA

18.8.2016 Ionoteka, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

15.7.2016 Semifinal, Helsinki, FINLAND

09.10.2015  PRKL Club, Helsinki, FINLAND

26.09.2014 Sture 21, Helsinki, FINLAND

17.12.2010 Darkside Club, Helsinki, FINLAND

12.09.2010 Gloria, Helsinki, FINLAND

27.02.2010 Backroom, Kotka, FINLAND

26.02.2010 Darkside Club, Helsinki, FINLAND



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